International relationships

Together with our partner theatre institutes from the Visegrad countries (Arts and Theatre Institute Prague, Theatre Insitute Bratislava, Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute Warsaw) we have been publishing a comparative series of plays in English, titled Visegrad Drama and are in permanent partnership for innovative theatre research and dissemination projects.

Theatre Architecture in Central Europe was a unique research project resulting in an international touring exhibition, a large volume on theatre architecture in English (Beyond Everydayness), a unique English language survey of the spaces of experimental theatre (Occupying Spaces) and a comprehensive database of theatre architecture, which is welcoming new partners from Europe (

Theatre and Dictatorship is our forthcoming research project, which tries to map the strategies theatres in Europe and other countries used to cope with the different dictatorial regimes of the 20th century. In the project titled PACE.V4 – Performing Arts Central Europe, we try to represent together the performing arts scene of the Visegrad countries on different theatre markets and festivals of the world.

Our colleagues are regularly invited to professional meetings and conferences abroad, and as presenters or jury at different theatre festivals in the region. Since 2006, we have been members of STEP international research group on theatre sociology, initiated by the University of Groningen.

Together with ITI Hungary we have been publishing the Hungarian Theatre Bulletin and from last year we are sending out online newsletters to the international public about the newest trends in the Hungarian theatre. We also strive to invite significant international theatre theoreticians and theatre makers to present the newest findings in theatre research to the Hungarian public. In May 2015 professor Marvin Carlson from CUNY New York presented a lecture at the Gizi Bajor Actors’ Museum.

Since 2006 we have been cooperating with the Contemporary Drama Festival Hungary in organizing international conferences on Theatre and Coming to Terms With the Past (2008), Theatre and Dramatrurgy After 1989 (2009), Documentary Theatre (2011).